Online Creative Café

Every First Sunday

Next Event, 7 March 2021

The candle represents the living creative flame within all of us.

I am delighted to invite you to this shared creative space. It is an open space, non-theoretical, and available to anyone who wants to further his/her inner creative conversation.

Join us on the first Sunday of every month 9 – 10.30 am (GMT + 2)

Cost: R 200 per person

The sole purpose of this space is to facilitate a contained shared milieu suitable to creative inner work. It is not required that you form an ongoing commitment.

Simple introductory guidance will be given initially, similar to the approach taken in my workshops; no previous artistic experience of any kind is required.

An ordinary everyday space must become extraordinary, preparing our inner selves, carrying over the message that there will be a happening of some sorts. To this end, participants will receive suggestions on how to be prepared.

Sharing and discussing will not form part of this process, but can be arranged privately. This is not a guided meditative practice but aimed at nurturing and assisting your individual personal creative conversation.