Creative Course

Creativity and the Inner Other

A creative approach to active imagination

An individual online course – Yes, Online!

Book your own dates, 3 separate days

3 x 2 hour slots

2200 ZAR pp.


Symbolical creative work can be a valuable therapeutic tool.

In this course, I integrate practical and theoretical components within three online modules. Artists as well as non-artists are welcome.

“I have patients who, evening after evening, work at these images… The work has a fascination for them; it is the fascination which the archetypes always exert upon consciousness. It is almost impossible to define this effect in rational terms; it is a sort of ‘magical’ effect, that is, a suggestive influence that goes out from the images to the individual, and in this way his unconscious is extended and changed.” ~ Carl Jung

The Practical Aspect: I will provide simple guidance. Setting up a safe containing space allows the inner energy to want to come. Drawing upon your current emotional state of mind, commencing with what comes to you, it is allowed to unfold. It is really important that you should be working in a medium which you enjoy. It does not matter if you are not familiar with it. In preparation to our work, a regular, everyday environment must be transformed into something extraordinary. By arranging the workspace in advance and actively engaging with the creative materials the night before, we signal to our inner selves that an event of some kind is forthcoming. With this objective in mind, participants will receive recommendations on how to prepare. The advantages of working online is that one can use one’s creative material of choice and mess as much as you like, yet still be supported and guided by another, while sharing the space and the creative energy.

The Theoretical Aspect: revolves around the fundamental principle of the creative space, which encompasses both physical and psychological aspects. It delves into the exploration of the psychological creative space as a containing space as well as the significance of its unfolding content. In our discussion we explore the unconscious mind’s innate inclination to restore equilibrium within creative work, as well as its symbolic function. The objective observation and establishment of relationships with the work aid us in integrating the content of our work into our everyday lives. Utilizing old stories or fairytales from various cultures can illustrate these key characteristics of the creative process and its unfolding content. Prior reading is essential to prepare for our theoretical work, and all relevant discussion materials will be made available.

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