Creativity Workshop 1

This module exists of 2 parts: The Introduction and The Creative Space


Below is a slide presentation. Please treat it like a slide presentation in a workshop: make your notes, take what speaks to you and bring me your questions and comments. The idea is not that you should learn it all – after all, this is first of all a practical activity. To begin, please click on the title slide.

General aspects of my approach are discussed. We discover the effect of tutoring and goal-directedness upon our creative work. We also explore Jung’s own initial creative journey and learn from it. Then we turn towards the question of which medium to use.

The Creative Space

The creative space is a very important containing space and fundamental to building an ongoing relationship with one’s inner creative world. In the following discussion we will be exploring the basic qualities of the creative space as presented in The legend of the Indian paint-brush. We then explore the unfolding creative process and how to begin to make sense of the content. But first, please read our story.

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