Creativity Workshop 2

In this workshop we will explore the chemistry of what happens in the creative space, how it tends to want to restore equilibrium and discover a natural pattern of ebb and flow of inner creative energy. This will be followed by a discussion of the work of David Blum, a well-known musician and writer who drew images from his dreams. We will explore the unfolding of inner images in his work, spanning 35 years of his life, and how it supported him during a terminal illness.

Restoring Inner Balance

In preparation of our discussion, please watch this YouTube video of the telling of the ancient Chinese story, The Magic Paintbrush.

To read the discussion, please click on the title slide. Please make notes as you go, and bring your questions and comments to our next workshop.

The Work of David Blum

In the second part of this workshop we explore the images of David Blum. You are welcome to download this discussion. To see more detail on the images, enlarge the size of the PDF file.

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