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The decision to start psychotherapy is often difficult to make, but what you may not realize is that it offers the opportunity to become more who you are, to live more fully.

Individual Adult Psychotherapy

I am a psychotherapist in Muizenberg, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. I am passionate about the psychoanalytic approach to psychotherapy for it enables us to engage with the fundamental aspects of the psyche. From the work of Dr. Carl Jung we know that dreams and natural forces in the unconscious can guide us in the process of exploring our deeper selves. There is a tendency in the unconscious to want to restore inner equilibrium.

In addition, I offer the possibility of a creative approach as an integrated part of the therapeutic process, but it remains optional. This approach is particularly beneficial when dealing with trauma. Traumatic experiences from the past often continue to make their influence felt throughout life in unpleasant and disruptive ways.

I offer psychotherapy in my professional capacity as a registered medical doctor; my approach is based mainly on the work of Dr. Carl Jung.

What To Expect

We work with what you bring; perhaps it is content from your everyday life or memories from the past. Your dreams and creative work may form part of our work together. We pay attention to what happens between us in the session and we allow this process to unfold. We also pay special attention to old outdated patterns which might be interfering with your life. Together we can undertake this journey of self-discovery.

Traumatic experiences from the past often continue to make their influence felt throughout life in unpleasant and disruptive ways. Feeling distressed, we might engage with a creative medium and experience an inner release and new insight into a problem. If we facilitate the right space and means, the inner child will come. Creative work may assist you in finding inner guidance from the deep part of your own psyche.

Like the seasons, our lives go through phases, times of summer, autumn, winter; sometimes it feels as if winter will never end. But spring does come again.

Should you choose to work with me, it would be ideal to meet once a week, but this is not obligatory. My sessions are 50 minutes in duration.

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The Role Of Creativity

The world of imagining, creativity and dreams speaks in its own unique language of images. This approach to the inner world is open to artists as well as non-artists. You need not be able to draw, or have any artistic background. It is also not art therapy. To integrate creative work into your therapeutic process is therefore a possibility, but it remains optional.

Creative work can be an invaluable supportive tool. In my creative approach, you can learn how to benefit from the natural tendency of the unconscious to want to restore inner equilibrium. As an integrated aspect of the therapeutic process it offers the possibility of embodiment. About this process Jung says:

“A patient needs only to have seen once or twice how much he is freed from a wretched state of mind by working at a symbolical picture, and he will always turn to this means of release whenever things go badly with him.”