Dr Wilna van der Walt Psychotherapy Practice

MB ChB (UFS) Pr nr 0681652

Address: Muizenberg, South Africa

Wilna van der Walt is a registered medical doctor; she practices in the field of psychotherapy, and has a special interest in creative work.

On her personal journey, she encountered the creative process in the 1990’s as a living organic process. Jungian psychology confirmed her experience of the potentially transformative power of the creative process and continues to inform her current work.

Her creative experimentation of 25 years was published in book-form in 2016.

Creative Pages

The Role of Creativity: The creative process starts with creative play and fantasy, our imagination. A conscious relationship to one’s creative work has the ability to nourish, support and contain the personality.

Getting started: Individual Creative Facilitation: We all have a living creative flame that informs our lives; yet there are different reasons why we may find it difficult to get a creative conversation with our inner selves going.

Online Creative Cafe: Next event 5 July 2020. The sole purpose of this space is to facilitate a contained shared milieu suitable to creative inner work. Simple introductory guidance will be given …

Creativity and the Inner Other Online: Next event 29 August 2020, in 3 sessions, combining theory and practical.

Jung says in On the Nature of the Psyche: “I was able to realize I was witnessing the spontaneous manifestation of an unconscious process, merely assisted by… the patient… a dark impulse is the ultimate arbiter of the pattern, an unconscious a priori precipitates itself into plastic form… Over the whole procedure there seems to be a dim foreknowledge not only of the pattern, but also of its meaning…”

Program, Creativity and the Inner Other Online, August 2020: The Creative Space: The symbolical creative space as an important containing space will be explored, as found in a Native American story, as well as the unfolding of content within this space, and how this can be meaningful

Creativity and the Inner Other

Creativity and the Inner Other

An online course on symbolical creative work

Saturday 29 August 2020

Jung says in On the Nature of the Psyche: 

The image represents the meaning of the instinct… I have succeeded… in finding an indirect way of approach to the instinctual image… [I therefore set the patient] the task of developing his theme… This could be done in a number of ways, dramatic, dialectic, visual, acoustic, or dancing, painting, drawing, modelling… I was able to recognize that… I was witnessing the spontaneous manifestation of an unconscious process, merely assisted by… the patient.. Over the whole procedure there seems to be a dim foreknowledge not only of the pattern, but also of its meaning….” (Par 398 – 402)

In this short course I combine practical and theoretical work in 3 online modules, presented on 3 consecutive Saturday mornings from 9 am – 1 pm.

The benefit of working online within your own space is that it will assist you in the difficult task of getting going within your private environment. In addition, you have a wider spectrum of creative media to choose from. Please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance in your choice of medium.  

This course is open to everyone, and no previous creative experience is required; guidance will take the form of simple preparations and suggestions within a contained space.

Participants will be requested to do pre-reading in preparation of our work together. Suggested preparation time per week: 60 minutes. Each meeting/session will include both practical work and a discussion of the topics of the day.

We will explore the creative space as a containing space, its unfolding content and  how it may be meaningful. The natural tendency of the unconscious to restore equilibrium in creative work will be discussed, together with its symbolic function. Why is the creative space as a containing space so important? How is the unfolding content meaningful? What is the natural tendency of the unconscious to restore equilibrium in creative work, and how does it work? How do I approach my work?

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Cost : R 1,500 All welcome. Advanced bookings only.

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Wilna’s Blog

The posts below were written for a social media platform and reposted. Aspects of symbols and processes are explored. It is meant to stimulate one’s thoughts and should not be seen as a comprehensive exploration of any particular symbol.

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The projection-making factor is the animus in woman, the anima in man. To the extent that the shadow is not made conscious, it falls on the animus/a which has a much deeper archetypal foundation.

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