Psychotherapist in Muizenberg

Welcome to the professional website of dr. Wilna van der Walt, psychotherapist practicing within a Jungian framework, in Muizenberg.

A Crisis, An Opportunity

Few people realize that a time of crisis is an opportunity for inner growth; this enables one to acquire a more objective perspective on life’s difficulties, and it makes one stronger and able to engage more effectively with the problem at hand.

Together with the therapist one undertakes a journey of self-discovery. If we know and understand ourselves better, we are better able to deal effectively with the problems confronting us in our personal relationships and our work environment.

The breaking open of one’s seed is always painful. But if it does not happen, the tree cannot grow, and we experience all sorts of symptoms, even physical.

I view dreams, symbols and images as important aspects of the work, and I have a special interest in creativity. If you should decide to enter therapy with me, incorporating creative work into our work together would be a possibility, but not a necessity.

I am a registered medical doctor, and I practice in the field of psychotherapy, and I am also available to work online. (I am no longer available as general practitioner.)

MB ChB (UFS) Pr nr 0681652

Capricorn Beach Estate, Muizenberg

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My Thoughts on Creativity in Psychotherapy

In this approach to our inner world, we take special note of our dreams and their messages, for they assist us in restoring the connection to our deep symbolical life. Creative work can be an invaluable tool in this process of inner growth, assisting the therapeutic relationship.

Developing a conscious relationship to one’s creative work has the ability to nourish, support and contain the personality. This process is about learning to relate to the world of images in a meaningful way. It assists one to strengthen the relationship to one’s deeper self and the reparation of wounded self-esteem.

“A patient needs only to have seen once or twice how much he is freed from a wretched state of mind by working at a symbolical picture, and he will always turn to this means of release whenever things go badly with him.” 

Chodorow, quoting Jung, 1997, p. 93

I also offer creative workshops on a regular basis. For more information, please follow the links below.