Jungian Analyst Candidate

Pr. no. 0681652


MP 0260576

Hi, I am a registered medical doctor in Muizenberg, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. I offer individual psychotherapy to adults based on depth psychology. This allows for the possibility of an alternative approach to psychotherapy which goes beyond talk therapy. I am referring to the world of imagining, creativity and dreams which speaks in its own unique language of images, a non-verbal approach. Relating to one’s images may lead to embodiment in the therapeutic process as a lived experience, but to bring it into our work, or not, remains your choice. This approach to the inner world is open to everyone; no artistic skills or experience is required. It is not art therapy.

The decision to start psychotherapy is often a difficult one. However, during the course of our lives, dark and difficult times come to all of us; we all experience seasons of winter, sometimes for many years, but spring comes again. These difficult periods need not be negative, for it can also work to our advantage by stimulating inner growth and the development of our personalities.

Should you decide to work with me, we will explore what you bring in a safe contained space. Perhaps you want to talk about your experiences from daily life, or memories from your past. We will also pay attention to interactions between us in the therapeutic session and to dreams, should they appear. Creative work may be incorporated into our work together, but remains an option only. Together we undertake this journey of self-discovery; we commit ourselves to this task, and we pay attention to patterns that may be interfering with the natural unfolding of your personality, causing depression and anxiety.

It would be ideal to meet once a week. My sessions are fifty minutes in duration. If you would like to make an appointment now, please follow this link.


Creative work can be an invaluable supportive tool and is widely known to assist the therapeutic process. In the approach which I prefer you can learn how to benefit from the natural tendency of the unconscious to want to restore inner equilibrium. I will not be analyzing your creative work. Rather, I approach it as a conversation with your deeper self, who speaks in a strange language of images. This method can be used by artists as well as non-artists; you need not be able to draw, or have any artistic background.

Feeling distressed, we might engage with a creative medium within a contained space and be surprised to discover the reality of the living psyche, of unfamiliar content in the new creation, a message ‘from the deep.’ If we create the right circumstances, the inner child will come.

A traumatized child has difficulty in relaxing and playing. A playful approach to life’s difficulties allows one to play around with possibilities in difficult times, to adapt. Through this creative approach one may find guidance.

The conscious and unconscious personalities often have different aims; the conscious personality is goal-directed and has to adapt to the outer world; this is what it has to do. But this is often not beneficial to the whole or complete personality. Because the conscious personality is not conscious of the aim of the complete personality, it is not possible for the conscious personality to have this perspective. The self, the totality, then tries to restore the balance in some way, e.g., through a slip of the tongue, a dream image, or in symbolical creative work.

“A patient needs only to have seen once or twice how much he is freed from a wretched state of mind by working at a symbolical picture, and he will always turn to this means of release whenever things go badly with him.” ~ Carl Jung