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  • Psychotherapist in Muizenberg

    Psychotherapist in Muizenberg

    I am passionate about the psychoanalytic approach to psychotherapy for it offers the opportunity to engage with the fundamental aspects of the psyche. From the…

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  • Stone


    A woman dreamed of a precious stone, buried in her garden. A precious stone is a symbol of the lapis lazuli, the self. In modern…

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  • Bearing


    The bear can be seen as the spirit of the wild. Because it cares for its young in almost human fashion, the bear was a…

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  • Trickster creates

    Trickster creates

    Feeling distressed, we might engage with a creative medium within a contained space and be surprised to discover the reality of the living psyche, of…

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  • Water


    We associate our emotional life with water. Without our world of emotions, we are stranded in a dry blazing desert, the world of one-sided mind.…

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  • The well

    The well

    Our world is dominated by rationality and superficiality, resulting in loneliness and meaninglessness, but by restoring the relationship with one’s deeper personality one may draw…

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  • Symbolism of the tree

    Symbolism of the tree

    The tree represents the manifestation of the life-force, of our ability to grow into greater maturity; when faced with an impossible life situation, one should…

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  • Online Creative Course

    Online Creative Course

    Symbolical creative work can be an indispensable tool to anyone who takes the inner journey seriously. So, I squeezed and kneaded the clay for half…

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  • Active imagination

    Active imagination

    In this artwork, the foreground frames the background vision. The strange animals, combining different pairs of opposites, represent the self. The man and the animal…

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  • Synchronicity


    At Richard Wilhelm’s memorial service in 1930 Jung expressed his gratitude for the rich contribution that Wilhelm made to Western society and to him in…

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  • An African Tale

    An African Tale

    Seven maidens went to the river to fetch water. One girl went a little further. While the others were waiting, they decided to play her…

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  • Mother Holle

    Mother Holle

    A negative relationship with the personal mother may be deeply wounding, but in the tale of Mother Holle we find a relational archetypal pattern (personified…

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  • The Dog

    The Dog

    Dogs are often intimately part of both our visible and dream worlds, valued for their loyalty, guidance and protectiveness, as playmate, companion or working dog.…

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  • The Creative Way

    The Creative Way

    The creative space, the space between heaven and earth visited by shaman and artist alike since the dawn of the human race, has always been…

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  • A Meaningful Worldview

    A Meaningful Worldview

    A worldview that originates from our archetypal roots is meaningful, containing. Jung often encouraged his patients to give thought to developing a worldview and many…

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  • Learning from the Other

    Learning from the Other

    Inherent in the confrontation with Otherness is a possibility to learn from the Other, but when coming face to face with a stranger, one may…

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  • The Wounded Healer

    The Wounded Healer

    Jung pointed out “the mythological truth that the wounded wounder is the agent of healing, and the sufferer takes away suffering.” (1) Chiron represents ‘the…

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  • An Inner Critic

    An Inner Critic

    The four weary travelers came through great danger to the king of the Mark. He looked weary, was bent over, almost dwarfed, having sat “too…

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  • Black Madonna, Forgotten

    Black Madonna, Forgotten

    More than 500 shrines of the Black Madonna appeared world-wide, but mostly in central Europe, between the 11th and 15th centuries. Scholars suggest that she…

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  • Aion


    Only once did Jung name a book after a god; this god was Aion. Aion-Khronos represents a father-god, Greco-Roman with Persian influences. His cult, Mithraism,…

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  • Creative course program

    Creative course program

    We will explore the psychological creative space as a containing space, its unfolding content and how it may be meaningful. The natural tendency of the…

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  • Fire-bird


    The phoenix or fire-bird, is a mythical bird the size of an eagle and graced with certain features of a pheasant. When the phoenix sees…

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  • Indra’s Net

    Indra’s Net

    I have a dream | A song to sing… When we were young, we had dreams, and perhaps unrealistic ideas about how to fulfil our…

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  • Moon Mother Mirror

    Moon Mother Mirror

    An artist dreamed of a magic mirror that creates his life. “Ego consciousness is a mirror into which the Self gazes…” and “…the ego is…

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