The posts below were written for a social media platform. Aspects of symbols and processes are explored. It is meant to stimulate one’s thoughts and should not be seen as a comprehensive exploration of any particular subject.

The Creative Way: The creative space, the space between heaven and earth visited by shaman and artist alike since the dawn of the human race, has always been a sacred space, a sanctuary, and the cradle of all creativity. 

A Meaningful Worldview: A worldview that originates from our archetypal roots is meaningful, containing. Jung often encouraged his patients to give thought to developing a worldview

Bearing: In a fantasy fragment a man sees a grizzly prowling around his city home. The bear can be seen as the spirit of the wild. Because it cares for its young in almost human fashion, the bear was a much loved symbol of the Great Mother as the Self, from around 50 000 BC. 

Trickster Creates: A retired actor dreamed that his child was unable to play. A traumatized child cannot play. A playful approach to life’s difficulties allows one to play around with possibilities in difficult times, to adapt. All forms of creative activity stems from play. “Trickster makes this world,” he creates. (Lewis Hyde, 1998)

Tree: The tree represents the manifestation of the life-force, of our ability to grow into greater maturity; when faced with an impossible life situation, one should not try to force anything, but ‘stay in one place and grow, like a tree.’ (Jung, Dream Seminars, 1929) Growing is a slow process. 

Indra’s Net: I have a dream | A song to sing… When we were young, we had dreams, and perhaps unrealistic ideas about how to fulfil our dreams. Whether we have learned to live our dreams or not, they continue to inspire our choices and decisions in some way. 

Serpent: Buffie Johnson says: “The serpent serves as metaphor for the impenetrable manner in which our lives change, twist and renew themselves.” (The Lady of the Beasts, p. 128) The serpent is the instinctive life-force and may be male, female or the self-created. It is a very old symbol. 

Stone: A woman dreamed of a precious stone, buried in her garden. A precious stone is a symbol of the lapis lazuli, the self. In modern culture, diamonds are often associated with making a commitment in a long-term relationship, felt to signify the rock on which it is built.

Mystery: A man dreamed of finding an intricate old key. The key is associated with the mystery in the cave, the divine birth. (CW 18 par 266) The Eleusinian Mysteries developed from the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone: Persephone, lovely young daughter of Demeter, was abducted by Hades, Lord of the Underworld, while picking flowers

Moon Mother Mirror: An artist dreamed of a magic mirror that creates his life. “Ego consciousness is a mirror into which the Self gazes…” and “…the ego is a reflection of the Self.” (Schwartz-Salant, 1982, p. 46.) To be mirrored, is to be seen; one feels contained, accepted, loved.

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